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Trust Administration

Trust Administration

Trust Administration is similar to a probate, but it does not involve court supervision and is usually faster, and less expensive than a probate. When the creator of a living trust passes away or becomes incapacitated, a Successor Trustee is appointed. The Successor Trustee is someone named in the trust document to handle the trust in the event of the trust creator’s incapacity or death. The Successor Trustee has obligations and duties to the beneficiaries of the trust, similar to the situation of an Executor in a Probate.

At Jakle, Alexander & Patton, LLP, we explain the duties and obligations of the Trustee and assist the Trustee with timely and efficient administration of the trust. Another aspect of Trust Administration concerns trusts which continue for a period of years. For example, some trusts direct the inheritance of minor children to be held in trust until each child reaches the age of majority or later. At Jakle, Alexander & Patton, LLP, we provide assistance to the Trustee in administering ongoing trusts. 

If you are the named successor, trustee, or beneficiary of a trust in need of assistance with Trust Administration, CONTACT US TODAY for a consultation.