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Special Needs Trust

Special Needs Trust

A Special Needs Trust (also referred to sometimes as a Supplemental Needs Trust) allows a disabled person under age 65 to have  assets held for their benefit without loss of governmental benefits. The assets held in a Special Needs Trust are intended to pay for education, recreation, counseling and medical care beyond what is provided by public assistance programs. In some cases, the Special Needs Trust must be established by order of the Court. A Special Needs Trust must contain specialized provisions. Thus, it is critical that the Special Needs Trust be properly drafted.

Jakle, Alexander & Patton, LLP assists in creating Special Needs Trusts, including petitions to the Court, if necessary. Once established, Jakle, Alexander & Patton assists the Trustee in the ongoing administration of the Special Needs Trust, including accountings to the Court when required. 

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