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Oct 2020: What to do After Someone Dies
Sep 2020: Post Death Access to Safe Deposit Box
Aug 2020: Property Taxes on the Ballot
Jul 2020: Probate Just Got Worse – Time for a Living Trust
Jun 2020: Estate Plan Signing While “Safer at Home”
May 2020: Advance Healthcare Directive
Apr 2020: You Just Became A Trustee – Now What?
Mar 2020: Estate Planning for Remarriage
Feb 2020: New Law Affecting Retirement Accounts
Jan 2020: Protect Your Estate Plan


Dec 2019: Probate Sales
Nov 2019: Trust Myths and Truths
Oct 2019: Will DIY Changes to Your Trust Be Effective?
Sep 2019: Are You Living in Grandma’s House?
Aug 2019: Unexpected Heirs Without a Will
Jul 2019: Revisiting the Family Limited Partnership
Jun 2019: Who Pays Your Debts When You Die?
May 2019: Disinheriting A Child
Apr 2019: Estate Planning “Super” Powers
Mar 2019: The “What Ifs” in Estate Planning
Feb 2019: Estate Plan Check
Jan 2019: Reasonable Trustee’s Fees


Dec 2018: Year-End Charitable Gifts
Nov 2018: Protect and Motivate a Young Beneficiary
Oct 2018: Estate Planning for the College Student
Sep 2018: Estate Planning By Default
Aug 2018: Estate Planning – Be Prepared
Jul 2018: Estate Planning for the Blended Family Post Death
Jun 2018: Estate Planning to Preserve the Family
May 2018: When Do You Need an Estate Plan?
Apr 2018: Estate Planning – Heirs by Law, Beneficiaries by Design
Mar 2018: Could This Happen To You?
Feb 2018: Estate Planning Under the New Tax Act
Jan 2018: The Trustee’s Job When You’re Gone


Dec 2017: Estate Planning – The Cost of Convenience
Nov 2017: Gifts Under the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act
Oct 2017: Estate Planning — Is Your Trust Funded?
Sep 2017: Accidental Disinheritance
Aug 2017: Estate Plan Check Up
Jul 2017: Who Do You Trust To Be Your Trustee?
Jun 2017: Estate Planning – How to Choose a Guardian for your Child
May 2017: Estate Planning – Planning to be Remembered
Apr 2017: Estate Planning – Not So Simple
Mar 2017: Family Feud – Not Just a TV Game Show
Feb 2017: Equalizing Children’s Inheritance
Jan 2017: Password Protected


Dec 2016: Family Matters
Nov 2016: Preserving Your Legacy
Oct 2016: Revocable Transfer On Death Deed
Sep 2016: Treat Your Children Fairly
Aug 2016: Estate Planning for Young Adults
Jul 2016: Digital Estate Planning
Jun 2016: Prince’s Squandered Legacy