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Privacy Policy Statement

JAKLE, ALEXANDER & PATTON, LLP has adopted the following privacy policy statement applicable to our web site operated by JAKLE, ALEXANDER & PATTON, LLP

JAKLE, ALEXANDER & PATTON, LLP does not currently collect personal identifying information (the “Information”) through our web site except: 

  • for Information that your Internet service provider automatically provides to our web server, such as its web site address and possibly your e-mail address,
  • for Information that you send to us in an e-mail message, and
  • for Information that you submit to us in a CGI form (for example, when you submit a search request on our web page).

E-mail sent to us may not be secure. If you choose to send us an e-mail message, we may retain the content of the e-mail, your e-mail address and our response, and it becomes the property of JAKLE, ALEXANDER & PATTON, LLP.

In order to better serve you and better facilitate the use of our web site so that you are not required to reenter your user name and password each time that you visit our site, our web site may place a small file, known as a “cookie,” to be accessed by your browser during subsequent visits to our site.

JAKLE, ALEXANDER & PATTON, LLP will use Information for our own proper purposes, but we will not sell Information to third parties.

We encourage you to review the JAKLE, ALEXANDER & PATTON, LLP Privacy Policy Statement periodically for updates that will be posted on our web site.